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SAFEQU-project description


The main aim of this project is to promote the use of risk prevention measures in the quarries of the natural stone through the production of innovative training material based on 3D animations.

Specific objectives:
a) To research on the main risk situations during the processes of quarrying the stone in the countries represented in the project.
b) To define the key situations for the multimedia materials' production.
c) To produce an ICT based learning tool and enable awareness arising in the risks' prevention field from a practical-orientated approach.


The main results of the project are:
a) A compilation of European and Country-specific regulations relative to safety at work and risks' prevention in the natural stone quarrying sector.
b) A report related to stone quarrying sector with:
• the situations with highest risk of accident or injury and professional illness
• the current situation of the companies in relation to the use of individual and collective safety equipmentc) A multimedia learning tool for training and raising workers' awareness of the importance of risks' prevention. This tool will include 10 sketches of 90 seconds each.
d) A website for the project and its products.


The project is coordinated by Finnish Natural Stone Association, organism which represents the main interests of the natural stone sector in Finland. It belongs to the European Association EUROROC which ensures the broad dissemination of results at EU level and their impact on SMEs. Marble and Natural Stone Technology Center from Spain has a wide previous experience in the field of industrial safety innovative projects. The participation of Saimaa University from Finland, Klesarska Skola from Croatia and FWG Freiburg from Germany ensures the impact of the results on trainees to be hired by natural stone quarries and ensures the participation of local quarries.